ISLanD international exchange programme
The Institute for Sri Lankan Affairs and Development (ISLanD) is currently supporting the launch of an international exchange research programme, initiated by the Social Affairs Journal in collaboration with local NGO, World University Friends.
Social Affairs Journal

• Social Affairs is an open access, peer-reviewed, bi-annual academic journal for the Social Sciences dedicated to publishing academic papers of the finest quality. The journal seeks to act as a platform for researchers in the Social Sciences to present their work and receive feedback from fellow researchers, thereby paving way for a dynamic discourse that would richly inform their future work. Social Affairs is available in both print and electronic forms. Established in 2014, the journal has already published 2 volumes, comprising 10 separate issues featuring articles contributed by a total of 63 different authors.

• Social Affairs has hosted a number of national and international events, the most recent of which was the Symposium on Academic Dependency and Indigenous Knowledge, held in December 2019. The Symposium examined the enduring impact of colonialism in today's global society. This not only encompassed the shaping of histories for countries in the Global South, but also the conditioning of epistemological frameworks, sociopolitical preferences, and economic choices.

World University Friends (WUF)

• The ISLanD international exchange programme is being launched in partnership with Sri Lankan NGO World University Friends, a collective force that comprises university undergraduates, graduates and professionals from across the medical/social work sector predominantly wokring on a voluntary basis. Since being founded in 1995, WUF has successfully implemented over a dozen sociocultural projects.

International Exchange Programme

• The aim of the programme is to facilitate reciprocal exchange for overseas students looking to broaden their knowledge of unique Sri Lankan culture and traditions, while also grappling with issues that continue challenge the post-war island society.

• Lessons learned at within the framework of the ISLanD programme are applicable on a global scale and will prove invaluable when students return to their home institution.

• Visiting students who enrol on the programme can register for short courses (S – two weeks) and/or long courses (L – one semester) specialised in, but not limited to, the following subjects:

 Peacebuilding and reconciliation (S/L)
 Youth empowerment and leadership (S/L)
 Indigenous & ethnomedicine and local knowledge (S/L)
 Gender and equality (S/L)
 Social/sustainable development (L)
 Culture as social cohesion (S)
 Sri Lankan history (S/L)
 Buddhism and meditation (S/L)
 Sanskrit, Pali, Sinhalese and Tamil languages (S/L)
 Research and publication training for Social Affairs Journal
 Relaxation for the senses with Sri Lankan music (S/L)
 Essence of Sri Lanka: An introduction to supavedic gastronomy (S/L)
 Traditional livelihood practices and sustainability
 Traditional performing arts
 Joint supervision/logistical support for Masters/Mphil/PhD students

• ISLanD also facilitates field trips to conflict-affected areas, mainly located in the northern and eastern provinces, to gain an insight into ongoing peacebuilding/reconcialiation efforts.

• It is also possible to visit local villages, where indigenous & ethnomedicine are practiced, as well as traditional Sri Lankan cultural activi ties.

• Excursions to cultural sites such as the Temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy, Adam's Peak, Sigirya, Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura are also possible.

• Students have a choice of accommodation either at university guest houses, private apartments, or lodging with a host family. The latter can also be arranged for students visiting the field.

• Apply now for - Semester 1, starting September 2020. Application deadline: July 31st
     - Semester 2, starting April 2020. Application deadline: February 28th

• Students who are accepted for the course will receive supporting documents to assist with their visa application process.

University of Peradeniya

• Would you like the opportunity to study under professors at Sri Lanka's oldest and most prestigious higher education institution?

• The ISLanD programme is predominantly hosted at the University of Peradeniya. Located on a lush, green campus in the shade of the Hanthana Mountains, this renowned institution consists of nine standalone faculties.

• Students have everything they need on site, from the cafeteria, gymnasium and outdoor swimming pool, to a fabulous open-air amphitheatre and the Royal Botanic Gardens, which are right on the doorstep.

• The calm and quiet campus is juxtaposed with the hustle and bustle of Kandy, just 5 kilometres away. Sri Lanka's second city is a religious and historical heritage site listed by

• The calm and quiet campus is juxtaposed with the hustle and bustle of Kandy, just 5 kilometres away. Sri Lanka's second city is a religious and historical heritage site listed by UNESCO as having global cultural significance.